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What do you guys think? (waiting for cable hiders to come in.)

Did you have snow? In London temperatures dropped too, finished work late, had to walk home for 10mins, was very cold. We don't want any snow here, if we do have, or have - 1* is to much of a distraction to all of London transport links, gov is never prepared. You'll need to do a little prep work before you step into the waxing salon for your male Brazilian wax. Even if you're not doing it for the lucky esthetician who's tasked with tackling the hair on your testicles, you'll want to do it for your dignity. After all, you'll be face-down on all fours with your scrotum facing the sky. Or are you saying that the ISP should be doing NAT at their side? That would require something far more complex than a simple BRAS/LNS, as it would need to be stateful. You've replaced a BRAS with a CGN device. Oh, and it has to do stateful DHCP to track every single device within the customer's own LAN. Top gay cities by region. Let’s first take the best gay cities by region. These are the tops of the top. The big gay city of Portland OR (NW) Portlandia’s pretty white and pretty gay – so gay, Advocate listed it as the 20 th gayest city in the US in 2014 and Business Insider ranked it the sixth-best city for queer singles. LGBTQ people make up 8.8% of its city’s population and 6.1% of ... Price range: $4,000 – $7,000. More Info: HTH Saunas Discount code: “matt-justice-500” My direct contact: Tess Harris. Direct phone number: (720) 815-2670. I can’t stand annoying sales people, and when I was buying a sauna for the first time, it seemed like everywhere I called said their sauna was “the best” and were super high pressure… so ridiculous! my.roku.com

2022.01.29 10:52 GreatManFish What do you guys think? (waiting for cable hiders to come in.)

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2022.01.29 10:52 teethroux What's the deal with Cicero? (Spoilers?)

One of the more frequent posts on this sub I see while lurking are the "favorite/best follower" posts. I'm sure it's happened statistically speaking, but personally I have never seen Cicero's name brought up in the comments. Do people generally hate him/don't care for him? I first played skyrim in elementary school (Sorry if that makes you feel old) but never really bothered to actually play through the game until last year. Had/am having a super fun time with it, especially the dark brotherhood questline. To me, cicero stands out against other characters. I assumed he would be a fan favorite, but I never see him get any love at all. This is not to judge anyone's taste! Genuinely just curious. It's also entirely possible that I'm completely wrong and have simply missed it.
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2022.01.29 10:52 kanjonick [WTB] EOTECH 512 SHIELD OR SIMILAR MODEL, preferably USED condition, can be painted/ lightly damaged etc. $40 ish willing to adjust price a tad. (NC)

Title says all, paypal ready.
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2022.01.29 10:52 wolf_shit How many items needs a lvl1 champ to defeat the same champ at lvl18?

Look i know that that will depend on the champ you pick.
But i want to know if a lvl1 champ with items can best its lvl18 counterpart with 0 items.
Or do the abilities and stats from the lvls make that impossible ?
What champ do you think could beat its lvl18 counterpart and which would fail miserably ?
I feel like marksman would be the only class that could do that.
I feel like we should exclude offmeta builds made exactly for this challenge.
Would be nice if you could share your thoughts on this
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2022.01.29 10:52 T123456n Selena Gomez

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2022.01.29 10:52 RyanWilliamsElection Frey, Osman met with Minnesota education officials after Feeding Our Future payments halted

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2022.01.29 10:52 xXR0manR3dXx When this squeezes and gets back to ATH $72

There will be temptation from some to sell but I WILL NOT. I’ll ride it back down to our current price AGAIN and lower until it’s life changing money. I hold for the smaller shareholders. 1693 as of this week and increasing my position weekly. This opportunity will never happen again in my lifetime. Shake it off and keep your eye on the prize. Again, do you and I’ll do me. Have a great weekend 🦍 💪
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2022.01.29 10:52 GhostNebula Red Superglides feel nice on a hybrid pad

Red Pulsar Superglides on black Gpro x https://imgur.com/gallery/M4cuVYx
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2022.01.29 10:52 Detective_Naobi Concept art on suggesting brawlers and getting suggested in power league

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2022.01.29 10:52 CardanoSkateClub Cardano Skate Club - First Skatepark Giveaway!

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2022.01.29 10:52 Fruitbat2002 Happy Birthday to all Our Apes!!!

Happy Birthday to all Our Apes!!! I love you all!!!
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2022.01.29 10:52 sicksty9 Boguht these Timberland Field Trekkers about a week ago, but they started getting this kind of wetness from the inside when I wear them. What can be the issue and how do I get rid of it?

Boguht these Timberland Field Trekkers about a week ago, but they started getting this kind of wetness from the inside when I wear them. What can be the issue and how do I get rid of it? submitted by sicksty9 to Shoes [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 10:52 Global-Goal1964 Supposed to work in this as part of a state of emergency store

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2022.01.29 10:52 ImJustPassinBy I was blessed with streamer luck today. Unfortunately, I suck at drafting.

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2022.01.29 10:52 Kirilizator А у нас кога?

А у нас кога? submitted by Kirilizator to bulgaria [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 10:52 shaicoleman Universal copy & paste workarounds?

Is there a way to get universal copy & paste working?
Is there any workarounds that would work on a rooted phone, e.g. something like this?
Have you looked into the workaround proposed here:
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2022.01.29 10:52 Nicarera Tips for awakening

  1. Do different mindful practices and meditate daily at least two times a day. Train your attention. Once it gets strong you will be able to come back to the present moment whenever you want by holding your attention within your body. Our energy goes where our attention goes. You keep it within yourself, you become stronger.
    1. You gotta have a big desire to awaken yourself, you have to really want it more than anything. Realize that happiness doesn’t come from a great life (when you have everything you want), it comes from the experience of belonging , of love, of connection with life.
    2. Take responsibility for EVERYTHING that’s going on in your life. Your subconsciousness is the creator of your reality. You are the only one who can change/fix your life. Don’t wait until life will make you fix your life (that’s gonna be painful). That’s what it’s actually doing through pandemic. Life wants us to evolve.
    3. Do what you are afraid of, if you feel like that’s what you need to do. Any fear or resisting is a product of your ego. If you want to become a master of your life, stop listening to your ego. Don’t try to analyze things too much, just do it and see the result. Even if you fail it’s ok because you still grow. Everything is hard before it’s easy.
    4. Be thankful for the opportunity to live, to love, to enjoy, thankful for everything/everyone you have right now.
    5. Observe yourself. Doesn’t matter what you do, keep observing your thoughts, actions. Make it a habit.
    6. Remember this is a game (but look how amazing it is!!!). Just another carnation. When your body and mind dies you still stay alive and reincarnate to a next life. There is nothing to be afraid of.
    7. Everything is one. Your personality is nothing more than a concept. You were thought, that you are a man/woman, human, American, John/Mary, etc. When your consciousness will expand you will see that it’s pointless to play the role of person. You are everything, you are not separated from life, you are life.
    8. Energy/light does everything. Every being strives for energy. It goes through everything but our ego creates a shell (if you can call it that way) which prevents energy from going through us. Because we believe in every concept that has been imposed on us. We limit ourselves by believing in everything we think.
    9. There is a way to conduct more energy. And I would call this method The power of giving. Everything in the universe is constantly giving( sun light for everybody, trees make oxygen , etc.). That’s how the universe works. But humans are different. We believe that we can own something and act accordingly. But that’s just another illusion because everything is one. There is nothing and no one here. It’s just another game in our mind (part of the matrix). Anyways people cannot live without giving, they intuitively look for someone to take care of (partner, kids, pets). When you live just for yourself you become an energy swamp. Energy doesn’t go through you. Life becomes meaningless and boring. Imagine that we are cells of one organism. And what does the cell become when it doesn’t want to be a part of one organsm? It becomes a cancer cell. That’s how we live.
    10. We all have psychological traumas and they stay in our body as energy blocks. We get used to resisting reality and that gives us pain that we escape from and hold it with us all life instead of living it through. This is the only way to cleanse your psyche, to become a better conductor of energy is to let it all out. That’s what toxic people try to do, they help us to bring the pain to the surface, so we can get rid of it. But first we need to accept our past. It is painful but it’s a must do thing!
    11. Everything happens for the better. We live like we all know what is better for us. When something unexpected happens we suffer because we resist. Egoism = Resistance. By simply trusting your life/God (That’s how it should be and it will lead me to my true self) we can accept things much faster and just move on instead of suffering/being depressed. That would make life so much easier for everyone.
    12. Future... it can be scary. Yes we want to control everything, even our future. The key is to surrender to the future. The safest place in all the world is in the will of God. And imo it is another illusion of our mind that we actually can control our life. Everything happens for a reason, we just need to learn how to trust and to act when needed.
Don’t try to understand these tips with your mind but rather listen to your heart. When we talk about awakening , what we refer to is being able to shed the layers that we’ve been conditioned with or our past truth or beliefs , which in fact were not true , instead we peel off those layers and we reveal what’s inside of Pandora’s box. If you have any other tips, share them with us!
In our community we have a methodology of how to awaken yourself and we are ready to share it with anyone who strives for spiritual growth. DM me if interested.
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2022.01.29 10:52 DoctorAutomatic Is there a "continuous futures" feature in ToS? Always have the front month in a watchlist?

Is there a way to always have the front month of a futures contract in a watchlist or do you have to manually keep adding the next expiration symbol every time the previous contract expires? At Interactive Brokers they called this "continuous futures" and it was obvious. When I search a futures contract on ToS I only see symbols that have an actual expiration month/year code which leads me to think I'll have to redo my watchlist every few months (which would suck, a whole lot).
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2022.01.29 10:52 demilys What I realized a month post breakup

I used to be more scared of living my life without him, than he hurting me over and over again. I was forgiving his actions each time because I couldn't imagine being without him. And no matter how much pain he caused me, I wasn't able to let go. The fear of him not being in my life scared me more than being betrayed by him again. Getting hurt by him was an emotion I had already felt several times. Leaving him for good however was something unknown which scared me. I was way too attached to him. I depended on him for everything. I lost myself in this relationship. It felt like I was no one without him. Love shouldn't be codependency. Love isn't jealousy, pain or possessiveness. I've come to realize despite our good times, how much red flags I have looked past. I realized how much stuff I let him do to me because I was too blind while being in love. I forgave him when he sexted another woman. I forgave him whenever he would get mad at me for not doing things the way he wanted me to. I forgave him for having a burner account just to reply to naked woman on twitter. I let him manipulate me. I let him gaslight me. I had finally realized how unhealthy our relationship was. The moment I figured he hid our relationship from people, I found out he fell in love with another girl with whom he was cheating on me for months, the moment I found out he left me for her, I realized he never deserved any of the chances I gave him. He was never the person I wanted him to be.
I hope everyone going through the same thing finds their strength again. There's always light at the end of the tunnel.
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2022.01.29 10:52 ana_gelker What do u think?

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2022.01.29 10:52 lopez_t I got an ad for Build-A-Bear after dark 👀 Lol

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2022.01.29 10:52 JakeBrashear54 Team 1 or Team 2?

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2022.01.29 10:52 Izaksson Happends all the time

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2022.01.29 10:52 pseudofidelis Neighbor just cleared my sidewalk

My neighbor and I couldn’t be more different. He’s older, on the opposite end politically and socially, and our personalities are a lesson in compare and contrast.
But I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if he’s never been anything but kind every time we’ve interacted. We’ve lived here for a year, and last year I’d shovel my walkways pretty early in the day. I did mine and our other elderly neighbor but not his just because I was pretty spent by the time I was done. Plus he has a beefy snow thrower so I knew it wasn’t too bad of a job for him. I never expected him to do mine; I’m a first-time homeowner and as silly as it may sound, shoveling snow on my own sidewalk still feels l sentimental.
Anyway, wife’s out of town and I’ve had a busy week with a busy day still in store tomorrow (I’m a minister). I wasn’t quite as eager to get out there. As I sat watching Seinfeld I heard the snow thrower getting closer and noticed my neighbor clearing all my walkways. I opened our front door and thanked him with a wave. I’ll still head over and shovel the elderly couple’s walks, they have trouble moving around and we take care of them.
I’ll have to drop off a beer and maybe some good pipe tobacco to my neighbor in the coming days.
Great neighbors in great neighborhoods for the win today. Stay warm everyone!
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2022.01.29 10:52 KingGrimlok H: A LOT of Plans & Recipes W: to bundle for something nice. Currently not interested in selling individually. (Mix of common and rare, hit pic limit can PM the rest)

H: A LOT of Plans & Recipes W: to bundle for something nice. Currently not interested in selling individually. (Mix of common and rare, hit pic limit can PM the rest) submitted by KingGrimlok to Market76 [link] [comments]