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how to turn off auto stretch textures in Hammer++

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2022.01.29 10:39 ReadyiTm how to turn off auto stretch textures in Hammer++

when I stretch a block out the textures stretches along with it and I can't find the option to turn it off
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I got a nametag on my stranded profile ,is it rare ? I never got one in my main profile.
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2022.01.29 10:39 Centumviri Temple of the Bronze Dove: P1 of Beligeraire's Baubles (Free Adventure)

TEMPLE OF THE BRONZE DOVE Powerful people collect powerful things. The Wizard Beligeraire is seeking to complete a set of magical figurines known as “Molletis’ Nature in Bronze”. He is close, needing only two more statues to complete his set. Unfortunately, he isn’t alone in looking for the figurines. The party is hired to find and retrieve The Bronze Dove before his competition. But is there more to this story than a simple fetch quest? Of course there is... There always is.
This is a Mini-Series Made up of Three Adventures. 1) Temple of the Bronze Dove: The Players are hired by Beligeraire to head to some local temple ruins and retrieve a Bronze Dove figurine. However, they are being sent into a trap by the Wizard. 2) Lost In Deleran’s Crossing: After appearing in the town of Deleran's Crossing the party will need to figure out what has actually happened and begin finding a way to escape. 3) Beligeraire’s Baubles: Once they figure out how to escape the globe they have to put that plan into motion. But once they escape, they will find themselves inside of Beligeraire's Tower back in Runir Uspin. Which will not be an ideal location.
Free PDF Link Includes 11 Maps, Handouts, and statblocks

SETUP INFORMATION Our Adventurers will be recruited by the Wizard Beligeraire (Bell-i-Ji-R) for a basic fetch quest. The Wizard is a collector and right now his eyes are set on getting another piece of “Molletis’ Nature in Bronze”. This is a rare collection of Magical Figurines whose power increases for every one of the set. You can see the Lore section below for the collection’s story.
However, the Wizard is not at all interested in another piece of the set. He already completed it long ago. This Wizard is interested in a different kind of collection. Beligeraire has come into possession of several Demi-Plane Globes. These powerful Magic Items allow a skilled Magic User to create a Demi-Plane inside of the Globe and capture various objects, creatures, or persons to populate it. (Think Snow Globe or Aquarium) The more skilled the Magic User the more complex the Demi-Plane they can achieve. Some of these Globes have been known to encompass entire spheres.
Beligeraire’s latest achievement is a replica of the town of Deleran’s Crossing during its glory days, and a sizable chunk of the surrounding area. He has since been populating it with those he lures away from town or those he can capture in the wilderness. The transference requires a special chamber which he has constructed in the ruins of St Iroara’s Temple (Lore) far from his home in Runir Uspin. It is a popular spot for treasure hunters and outlaws. Both of which make excellent subjects, as very few people bother looking for them if they go missing.
Once they reach the inner chambers of the ruined temple, the magical trap will be activated and the group will be transported into the Demi-Plane Globe and find themselves in a replica of Deleran's Crossing. That is where this chapter will end. Chapter two will focus on the group attempting to find a way to escape.
Game Opening and Hooks Hooks for this adventure are a tricky thing. The whole idea of what is about to happen to them is rather "rail-road-ish" there is a lot of freedom inside of the tracks but it's pretty tracked. Most players who know a DM is running a module, even inside of a sandbox, get that, but it is nice for you to have a heads up. So I'm just going to give you a few ideas on how to introduce them to Beligeraire and his mission. Many of the opening logistics could change depending on several pregame factors. The Module also assumes they have played together with these characters before. It also assumes you have moved the players to this or another acceptable city location But as always with things D&D, use your own stuff if you so wish. The rest of the Module will assume Runir Uspin is the starting point.
Common Hooks IMPORTANT LOCATIONS IMPORTANT NPCs OPENING CUT-SCENE "The man scrambles up the rocky slope. He had not had time to grab his backpack or sword below when they were attacked. The barking and yipping of the beasts feels right behind him. He throws himself over a gap in the rocks landing hard against the canyon wall. He scrambles up the cliff to a nearby outcropping. He tumbles onto the ledge, and even though he is in no danger of falling he continues to cling to the stones. The Jackals do not follow. They are too skittish to make this particular leap. He is safe for tonight. Hopefully the animals would lose interest in him… hopefully..."
ACT 1: Runir Uspin ACT 1 can be used to prepare for what is to come. Runir Uspin is a large city. It should be very easy for them to find shops within its walls. They can also get into just about any kind of trouble they want to find while here. There is a section of the appendecies that lists ideas and info for the city.
DESCRIPTION: Intro to Runir Uspin “It is dark in the streets of Runir Uspin. Then again, the thick canopy of webs covering the entire civilization keeps it dark, even at midday. The Vendors in the streets attempt to sell you various wares, mostly items from the Underdark, but there are enough surface dwellers here that finding merchandise common to the surface kingdoms isn’t hard. The same could be said of the population. Most folk here are from below, but mingled throughout the crowd are other races more common above ground.”
PLAYER CHOICES: Town Business The players will be free to do what players do. Shop, Carouse, Cause Trouble, Look for Work. Runir Uspin is not hostile to Surface Folk but nor is it kind. Depending on the Players Race and what they do, they may find trouble without looking for it. Give them enough time to look around and then move on to ACT 2. If they land in trouble with the authorities, the Beligeraire will find them in jail and offer to get them out as a way to endebt them to him.
ACT 2: Beligeraire Act 2 introduces them to the Wizard. I have laid out the best course and ideal conversation to have. However, there is a chance the players do something bonkers. Whatever happens this needs to resolve itself with them taking the job. I've run this a dozen times and they always play along, but if they go way off script... good luck...
EVENT: The Approaching Wizard “You see a man approaching you. He likely in his early sixties, has a shaved head and long black goatee peppered with gray and bound together with several gold rings. He wears expensive looking red robes, which are covered in various arcane sigils. He is obviously some manner of Spellcaster. When he gets close, but not too close, he bows and extends his hands palm side up. Which you know to be a common gesture for peace and good intentions.”
Beligeraire: “Greetings my Friends. I was hoping I could have a moment of your time. I have need of your services and am willing to provide ample payment in return.”
Player Interactions: They're gonna say some stuff, but sooner or later they will wanna know what is going on. Once they’re ready to hear his proposal move on. - If they Insight him, which is likely, they will not pick up any deception, as of this point everything he has said is honest and true.
Belegaire: “I am something of a collector and am close to completing a collection I have spent many years acquiring. Have you heard of “Molletis’ Nature in Bronze”? A collection of magical figurines? I have ten of the twelve already and have identified the location of the final two. I have been led to believe that one, The Bronze Dove, is not far from here. Under my very nose. And I have come to know that the other, The Bronze Otter is across the seas in the Red Wastes. How it came to be there is a true mystery. I would like you to retrieve the Dove for me while I am away recovering the Otter. I have encountered other interested parties in my travels looking for these items. They have at times beaten me to my prize and I was forced to pay an exorbitant amount to recover them. Therefore, I do not want to leave anything to chance. I am willing to give you this pouch of gems, three thousand worth of stones at street value, they are worth far more if you are a shrewd haggler.”
Players Want Another Insight: This is fair, as at this point, he is indeed lying to them. Still, he is very good at it. They will need to pass a Very Hard check to pick up on it. But even if they do pick up on something he already has a cover planned.
Beligeraire coughs and begs your forgiveness. "I was about to warn you of some of the dangers and had not gotten that far yet. You are insightful. I had not yet reached this point of the deal. You are not the first group I recruited. Last week I was concluding my scrying for the Bronze Otter in my tower. As I was busy, I hired what seems to have been a far less qualified group to retrieve the Dove. They never returned. There are rumors of bandits in the area and it is likely that they came across them."
EVENT: Agree to the Job A lot can happen in conversation. But in order for this to really work they have to come to a point of agreement. Although if you want to cook up an alternative path to getting them into the Temple you are free to do so. The following is the ideal situation for this to resolve.
Beligeraire bows again and passes you a brief contract which details the job and the payment. “I’m sure you know that all agreements of this kind must have a contract filed with the authorities. Please sign. It protects you should anyone question you, and myself if… like the last group… anything tragic befalls you. It also keeps us from swindling one another.”
“Now, there is a ruined temple beyond Murene’s Steps and at the foot of the Mountains. There is an old road North of Blackwater Oasis. It is longer but less treacherous, or so it was… that may be the route the other group took. I’ll leave that decision up to you. I have prepared a map of the area for you to help. If my sources are accurate there should be a hidden chamber beneath what remains of the temple. Once you have the Dove return quickly to my tower. It is the one built of red stone in the second ring. I will pass along your description to my doorman. Make yourself at home if I have not already returned. I will also send word to Majaina’s Emporium, she deals in things useful to Treasure Hunters like yourself. She will give you a good price on anything you need to purchase from her. Farewell, and good luck.”
HANDOUT: The Duskway Map ACT 3: The Duskway This is likely to be the longest act of the adventure. It ranges from wrapping up town activities and heading into full on wilderness travel and exploration.
PLAYER CHOICES: Preparing to Travel EVENT: Travel to the Temple The Duskway and The Red Dusk Valley have daytime temperatures break 100 daily. It is rocky terrain that supports mostly scrub brush and the type of animals that one would expect to find in such an environment. But of course this is D&D so break out the Desert Monsters, because they are indeed out here too.
The area of the map they will be traveling through is known as Merene’s Steps. Named after a Desert Giant of Legend (See Lore) The steps are a series of cliff faces, averaging about 60’ a rise, that work their way upward toward the mountains creating a “step” like feature. There are paths through this for those who can find them, otherwise they will be doing a lot of climbing. Making the trip Difficult terrain not necessarily because it is hard, but because the climbing and switchbacks slow travel. This route is 25 Miles and can only be taken on foot or with a small pack animal. It normally takes four days Travel for a group without the ability to bypass difficult terrain to make the journey or Two days if they can avoid some of the terrain. The easier path is indeed the road that Beligeraire mentioned. It goes past the Ruins of Carrhea (See Lore), which is the current abode of the area’s Bandits, but it is an environmentally safer option. Because of its winding nature through the Steps the road ends up being about 55 Miles, and likely three days of travel.
CONSTANT CHALLENGES: While Traveling in this region… SKILL CHALLENGES: Traversing the Wilderness Getting across a desert should not be easy. Here are a few of the challenges they may face. - Travel the Old Road - Easy Survival Check - Travel Through the Hills - Medium Survival Check - Climb The Cliffs - Hard Athletics Check - Avoid a “Dangerous Creature or Person” - Hard Stealth Check - Traverse a Natural Hazard - Hard Athletics or Acrobatics Check
RANDOM DAILY EVENTS: Merene’s Steps ACT 4: The Ruins of Carrhea (Optional) MAP: Carrhea This long abandoned city has been picked clean several times over. Travelers are wise to avoid the ruin as it often becomes a haunt for bandits and other creatures of the surrounding desert. Furthermore, the catacombs carved into the cliffside are notorious for their foul feel and are usually inhabited by undead creatures that seem drawn to their dark energy.
Even so, Carrhea's dangerous reputation does very little to dissuade treasure hunters, who more often than not do not return from the ruins, and thus become the treasure they were seeking. The current inhabitants are a band of Desert Lizard Folk residents who have made their lair here, and who have almost certainly spotted the players as they approached. Other than the Lizard Folk ’s stash, if the adventurers spend time here looking for undiscovered loot they are going to be mostly out of luck. There are a couple of interesting points they might get caught up in, and could possibly gain some rewards that way.
1) Lizard Folk Watch Points There is a Lizard Folk here keeping an eye out. If the players are spotted they will blow a horn alerting the others. The Chief will either set a very skilled ambush or take the treasure and flee the Ruins. The other Lizard Folk will race to the alarm spot and attempt to kill the intruders. To avoid the Lizard Folk they will need to roll a Hard Group DC stealth Check.
ENCOUNTER: Lizard Folk Watchman
2) The Lizard Folk Hideout There are a dozen Lizard Folk in the ruins. At any given time four of them will be at the watchpoints and eight will be here. If the players attack, one of them will sound the alarm summoning the missing four.
ENCOUNTER: Lizard Folk Camp
3) Treasure Stash The Lizard Folk have stashed their loot in a locked and trapped chest here under some rubble. They will have to pass a a Hard Search DC to find it.
4) The Withered Ghouls There are two desert ghouls lurking here on the far side of the ruins. The Lizard Folk stay clear of them, as they make good natural guards. If the Ghouls spot the players they will begin shrieking, alerting the Lizard Folk who will react appropriately. They will either set a very skilled ambush or take the treasure and flee the Ruins.
ENCOUNTER: Desert Ghouls Ghouls with higher HP, AC, and a fear inducing howl
5) The Catacombs These Catacombs were looted and relooted and looted again long ago. There are still bones on the shelves here and the rooms are littered with broken urns. There are two possible events here.
ENCOUNTER: They may be attacked by a pair of pesky poltergeists.
SEARCH: A Very Hard Search Check of this area will turn up a small copper amulet with the engraving “To My Undying Love” on the back of it buried in the sand. If they take this amulet they will be attacked by a Vampire Spawn during their next overnight rest. It is wearing a matching amulet that says “Forever and Always”
ACT 5: The Ruins of St Iroara’s Shrine MAP: The Ruins of St Iroara’s Shrine The canyon approach is fairly standard terrain. A broken down old road should lead them directly to it.There area is home to a clan of Goblins and their Dire Jackal pets. If they check for tracks anywhere in this area it will be a Medium Survival Check to find evidence of them. Once in the Narrow Canyon they will be ambushed by the Jackals. Other than that this area is pretty straight forward.
1) Narrow Canyon The Dire Jackals will attempt to ambush the players here leaping down from above. A Hard Perception Check can be made to notice them. Otherwise the players are surprised. The Jackals flee when the pack is at half strength.
ENCOUNTER: Dire Jackals This is a straightforward encounter with the potential for surprise.
2) Jackal Cave If they head here first the cave will be “empty” of Jackals. The beasts will trap them inside once the party has fully entered. The Jackals flee when the pack is at half strength. In the corner there is a body and a tattered backpack. This backpack contains some adventuring gear and Journal Handout #1.
ENCOUNTER: Dire Jackals This is a fairly straightforward encounter.
TREASURE: This backpack contains some adventuring gear and Journal Handout #1.
3) Well Pretty much exactly what you would expect. There is a rope, grappling hook, and bucket here to get water. The players can descend into the tunnels below. If they don’t take a good look at the rope then it will snap when more than 1 person or one heavily geared person is on it.
3a) The Main well Chamber You descend into a good sized cavern. There is a spring of water coming out of the East wall. It collects into a pool on the floor. The overflow heads out a passage to the West and another passage, this one sitting atop a 10' ledge, heads south.
3b) The Fountain Pool You follow the stream into a small round chamber. The water gaters here before trickling through a grate in the wall.
This room buts up against the shrine. They can look through the grate here and get some info on what is beyond the wall. They may attempt to get through the wall here. That would be a noisy and lengthy endeavor and certainly attract unwanted attention.
You try looking through the grate, but the angle is poor for looking. You can see a fouled fountain below. You can also make out a flickering light source, likely a fire from the sound and smell of smoke. You can also make out some whispering voices. They sound harsh and angry.
3c) The Bat Cave This tunnel has an amonia smell to it. The closer you get to the cavern ahead the stronger the smell. Between the smell and the soft squeaking sounds and the huge piles of guano you're pretty sure there is a large Bat Colony ahead.
These bats are mostly harmless... mostly. If they are disturbed they will swarm anyone in the area. There is a long dead explorer buried under the piles of guano.
ENCOUNTER: Swarming Bats
REWARD: Dead Explorer, Small Treasure
4) Ruins Before you is a ruined round temple. Most of the ceiling has collapsed as have several of the walls. The Central pillars still stand, but the weathered cracking of the pillars gives you the impression that they won't last much longer. The walls of the temple flair out giving it a sun shaped feel to it.
These are the ruins to the Shrine of St Iroara. The Sun Motif that accompanies the Saint is clearly still present despite the shape of the ruins themselves. If you’re looking for something interesting here a Ghost encounter of some of faithful Acolyte could be really neat… in fact as I type that...
ENCOUNTER: The Ghostly Acolyte (Shows up only if the PCs start searching the ruins, it is harmless unless provoked. They can watch it preform a ritual in honor of St Iroara. If they Provoke it they will have to face a Ghost who is very prone to possession.
ACT 6: Temple of the Bronze Dove Ah, almost to the end of the “McGuffin Quest”. And just about to begin the “This Isn’t What We Signed Up For” part of things.
The temple itself is pretty straight forward, it is infested with Goblins who are keeping an Ogre as a “pet”. The doors to the Dove Room are magically sealed and the players will need to get both the “Citrine Sun” and the “Eye of Iroana” gemstones in order to open them. One can be found in the Ogre’s Room and the other is on the Goblin Chief. The gems are attuned to this place and any attempt to remove them causes them to teleport back to the temple area. The fight with the Jackals will have alerted the Goblins to the Players’ presence.
1) Entryway Sand spills down these steps. Footprints in and out can clearly be seen here. It's hard to discern exactly how many individuals are represented here, but it is obvious you are not alone in discovering this hidden chamber. There is a dried fountain on the West wall. The Passage North has completely collapsed. There is a passage to the south from which a foul smell emanates.
A Medium Survival Check can be made to identify them as Goblinoid. A Hard Check can be made to reveal that there are over a dozen goblins inside. The Passage to the North which has collapsed and the rubble cannot be moved easily. An excavation could be done, but the Goblins would interfere with any such attempts. A Medium Search Check focused on the rubble will reveal the sight and smell of a thin trail of smoke coming from between the stones.
2) Goblin Ambush There are more tumbled boulders in this long room. The wall to the east looks as if the fallen stones have been purposefully placed in the opening.
ENCOUNTER: 8 Goblin Warriors and their Chief wait in ambush here. After the first round of the fight, Golor the Ogre will smash through the stones yelling about waking it up. Now, they will probably kill it, but he can be reasoned with if they try (Hard Persuasion, Medium if they promise him some food) He actually makes an interesting plot NPC if he ends up following them. Once half the Goblins are dead, the rest will flee down the tunnel.
REWARD: Small Treasure and Basic Goblin Gear. One of them also has a tattered journal page on which it drew a cartoonish goblin. Journal Handout #2
3) Ogre’s Room This room is absolutely filthy. There are several different piles of... piles... one is of chewed bones, one is an actual pile of excrement, there is a large pile of matted and filthy straw, and lastly, a pile of colorful stones.
Golor has been hanging out here. The Goblins have been feeding him on the regular, and so he hasn’t cared about much of anything at all. He has a pile of cool rocks in one corner of the room and his poop pile is in the other. He likes both equally. One of the two gemstones can be found here easily, The Citrine Sun, (Large round Citrine shaped like the sun) they only need to look in the stones.
There is a secret in the North East corner. The mortar between these stones is discolored. It crumbles easily and the block can be removed with about a half an hour of work. (Medium Search DC to notice the stone discoloration) Behind this wall there are two skeletons. If they are disturbed Two shadows will attack the player that disturbed them. These are two acolytes who long ago broke their oath and began a romantic relationship. The high priestess found out and killed them, sealing them in the walls.
REWARD: There is a Gold Holy Symbol here worth a small treasure.
4) The Doors of St Iroara Two massive and intricately carved stone doors are set into the East wall. They depict St Iroara reaching out for the sun. The Sun is on the North Door and St Iroara on the South. There is an odd depression in the center of the sun and another in the eye of St Iroara.
The doors to this room are magically sealed. A level 7 Dispel Magic would be needed to open them. Otherwise they will have to find the appropriate Gemstones and place them into the carvings. The Citrine goes in the Sun, and the Sapphire goes in the eye. Once the two stones are set the Doors open.
This shouldn’t be a hard puzzle to figure out in any way shape or form… but… you never know. If they get it wrong just kill them and find a new group. These people aren’t going to survive this adventure… or probably real life for that matter…
5) Goblin Chieftan’s Last Stand This long smoke filled chamber looks much like the one the goblins tried to ambush you in earlier. On the far side you see an archway, beyond that a large fire and a fountain.
ENCOUNTER: The Goblins are prepared to fight, posssibly giveing them advantage to this battle. They are led by a powerful Goblin Spellcaster, a Booyagh Booyagh Booyagh. There are likely survivors from the oher fight, and as the DM you should add enough tougher Goblins and maybe even a few Bugbears to make this feel like a dangerous encounter. The presence of a Booyagh Booyagh Booyagh should hopefully make the battle a good mix of challenging and bonkers. I would reccomend not revealing the Booyagh Booyagh Booyagh until the battle has really engaged.
6) The Foul Fountain Small bedrolls and other signs of squalid living alert you to this likely being the Goblins' main camp. There is a pile of objects in the North East corner of the room, squeezed in between the wall and a disgusting looking fountain. Water from a carving in the wall still trickles into it. There is a nasty odor coming up from the water and smoke from the small fire clings to the ceiling adding to the thickness of the atmosphere in here. It isn't nauseating... but it is close.
There are several things going on in this room. - This is the Goblin’s main camp. There will be a Medium treasure here in the pile in the corner. - If the players went into the well, they may have seen this room from the other side. - The Fountain here is befouled. If they perform the ritual here that the Ghost is doing up in the main temple then the water will be purified and will grant 2d4+2 Temp HP until a long rest. Once per player per long rest. - There is a secret Door in the South East (A Hard Search Check DC, will reveal it. Behind the door is a long forgotten chest.
REWARD: Goblin Treasure, Large Treasure and Large Eye shaped Sapphire (magical)
REWARD: Secret Room, The Armaments of St Iroara. This is a gorgeous set of magical equipment. It is made up of a Warhammer, Heavy Breastplate, and Shield. Each of these items is beautifully crafted with gold filagree inlay in sun patterns. This was Iroara’s actual equipment and therefore the set can become powerfully magical and even in its base state worth a fortune, maybe even more to the right collector. (See Lore)
7) Sanctum of the Dove This room is obviously some kind of shrine. There are elaborate carvings of St Iroara, most of which have cracked and faded with age. However, her tale of standing against the dark tide of otherworldly forces while commoners flee to safety can still clearly be understood. In the center of the room is a dias with a bronze dove sitting atop it. It is softly glowing and humming.
EVENT: The Bronze Dove The moment they opened the door the trap was sprung. Any living being in the area is about to be teleported into the Demi-Plane Orb. That includes any Goblins or even an Ogre that may still be alive. There is no escaping this trap, but they do have some time to look around before it fully powers up. The Dove is beginning to pull magical power in from around the room and area in order to fuel itself. Any attempt to use magical powers here feeds the Dove, any powers already in play cease and magical items temporarily are weakened. Once powered the Dove will begin emitting rings of energy. They can try and run at this point but they cannot escape it. Although it may be a fun skill challenge to include. Up to you.
Detect Magic and Arcana Checks: If they have Detect Magic on when they open the door they will see that the room itself is magical; divination, abjuration, and illusion magic (Scrying, Protective, and Image based). A Medium Arcana DC will reveal that the spells are designed to protect the room and those in it. A Nearly Impossible Arcana Check will reveal a secondary purpose. That this room is also capable of being an inter dimensional travel point. But is currently not active in that capacity. It will be in moments though…
DM Note: The reason I include that second bit is because I've had players roll extremely well in this room and later complain that they should have picked up on what was about to happen. This is fair and reasonable. It doesn't change the outcome, but they will feel less "tricked"
As soon as the Dove is fully powered or they attempt to pick it up a massive pulse of energy goes out from the chamber. And everyone will become extremely disoriented. Room spinning, vision blurred, seeing hallucinatory things, nausea, etc… Everyone within 1000’ of the dove will need to make three saving throws. INT, WIS, and CON all at Hard DCs. Failure in any of them causes the player to pass out. If someone succeeds on all three they will watch the world around them come apart and be put back together… but differently… very very differently.
CLOSING Now if someone manages to escape... well... they are no longer connected to the Party and alone out in the desert. I would maybe fade them out with a scene ending with the howling of dozens of Dire Jackals, and then allow them to roll up a new character. They could be introduced as someone that was exploring nearby or following the party when the Dove went off. You could also allow them to dash back into the energy field. Something like that.
"You begin to stir and awaken. Every muscle in your body is on fire and your mouth tastes of iron. You open your eyes to find yourselves in a dark circular chamber with a soft beam of daylight coming in from a crack near the ceiling. Clearly not a chamber from the temple. The stonework is all wrong. The air is damp and cool. Roots have broken in through the walls, and piles of discarded furniture a pushed up against them. The smell of rot and mold fills your nostrils"
They awake in a forgotten chamber under a ruined tower. This tower lies outside the city of Deleran's Crossing. It shouldn't be hard for them to get out. Roll a few Average DC Checks to build a little story here and have them walk out into the sunshine.
"Climbing up out of the hidden chamber you find yourself in the ruin of what must have been a small watchtower at some point long ago. The air is pleasant, although cool as you are used to the heat of the desert, and green grassy ground, which had consumed most of the tower floor, is wet with a heavy dew. The ruin sits on the edge of a steep hill looking out to the west. There lies an idyllic town built on a large tiered island that a rushing river has cut out of the stone. A blue-ish white stone castle sit up on the far cliffside overlooking the city. To the north you can make out some farm fields and to the south some vinyards. The City also has what appears to be a huge orchard in the center between the tiers. Just below you is a well traveled road. From the trees nearby flitters an oddly colored dove, a bronze dove. It lands on a sign not far away. The sign reads "Welcome to Deleran's Crossing"
The End? The Story will Continue with... Lost In Deleran's Crossing Due Late Winter 2022 THANKS FOR PLAYING I do want to take one last moment to sincerely thank you for playing an AOG Adventure. It means a lot to me as a creator. If you enjoyed it please leave me some comments on wherever you found this adventure. You can support more content like this by subscribing to our Patreon. AMPLUS ORDO GAMES
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2022.01.29 10:39 Happy_Accountant_238 Weekly Round-Up Week of Jan 29th ➱ New Releases, Audio Books, Cover Reveals, Pre Orders, Sales, Freebies & More

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2022.01.29 10:39 bluebetaoddeye 220129 LOONA Season’s Greetings 2022: Orbit JP Photocard Scans

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2022.01.29 10:39 NeonTiger1135 Fortnite Fundamentals: The Seven - Dossier Version. This is everything you need to know about The Seven!

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2022.01.29 10:39 jamieholroyd Move

I always loved this bebop tune and all the old jazz guitar greats seem to do, Raney, Farlow, Garland, etc.
Here is a short head of an arrangement I like to use for 2-3 guitars. Hope you enjoy it!
Move Jazz Guitar Lesson
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2022.01.29 10:39 uninformed_ PAYE Employee Declaring Stock Gift

I am a PAYE employee (England) in the Higher Rate tax band. As part of my bonus in August I received shares with a NAV of 30,000.
I do not believe my company has reported this to HMRC. I assume I need to report this myself? I believe the gift will be taxed at its value as if it was cash income.
Do I have any options to reduce the tax burden of these shares?
Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.29 10:39 yb___better What’s up with this dude and rabies?

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2022.01.29 10:39 aadzwantstoknow F1 | Bahrain pays, that's why Barcelona tests are "blacked out"

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2022.01.29 10:39 InterestingYoghurt9 Looking for the name of a background music

Can someone please tell me the name of the background music used on 5:27 minutes on this emkay video I've been searching for it for weeks. I've listened to more than 4 hours of RPG music playlists ,still got nothing.
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2022.01.29 10:39 MichelSilence Sexe Illégal annonce (semi) qu’ils abandonnent le monde de l’humour. Surtout parce qu’ils n’arrivent plus à faire leur place et que les dénonciations gangrènent trop le milieu …

Sexe Illégal annonce (semi) qu’ils abandonnent le monde de l’humour. Surtout parce qu’ils n’arrivent plus à faire leur place et que les dénonciations gangrènent trop le milieu … submitted by MichelSilence to causerie [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 10:39 NiceTryCupcake Referral code: WKC9JC (thanks!)🦋

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2022.01.29 10:39 GreenRoyal40 How to stay being a friend to a co-worker? I am falling in to her.

I am (37M), married with 2 kids. I am mentoring her (31F) in our company. Me and my wife have no issues or problems. I problem is me, I think I like my co-worker and I'm falling into her. She is constantly running in my head, I can't sleep. I'm always wondering what she is doing, should I text her? Sometimes, or most of the week I drop off her at her house. Little chat driving home, I like it.
I know this is wrong what I'm feeling right now because I am married but I want to save the friendship. Any advice, please? Thank you and I appreciate it if you do it in nice words but otherwise, I will take it.
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2022.01.29 10:39 trelleresito I have a question, is impossible to make Spears work?

For what i have seen, Spears can only be used for Hero Characters, and it seems like the special thing about spears is how they can attack multiple enemies in a line.
But, if Heros have worst DPS than Warriors and Mages, what's the point? I know if you want to main Hero is a good choice definetly, but if we talk about uniqueness, it seems like spears are the worst by far.
Swords have the biggest Ultimate selection of all, and you can choose between the best single target DPS of the game or a AOE Nuke or AOE Heal etc, plus damage because Warriors can use it, Axes have great DPS too even if they don't have alot of choices, and Mages well, their entire weapons are uniques, just like Priests.
If Spears can only be used on Hero characters, and Hero characters are weak on DPS, does that mean they will always be inferior than Swords? Because it seems like the new spear doesn't matter for alot of people, in fact, people pulls for Shadow Armor Blade, not the spear
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2022.01.29 10:39 DylanSavage14 🎁Giveaway🎁 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE🔥 Very affordable and NO GAS FEES! A Portion of All Profit goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation🎗 UPVOTE⬆️ Read Comment

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2022.01.29 10:39 yodaStonksbaby Trading all legendary fruits

Got everything except gravity (also have a few good cheaper fruits)
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2022.01.29 10:39 Unusual_Main_4971 TOP 10 ESPELUZNANTES ERRORES PEORES ERRORES | PARTE 2

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2022.01.29 10:39 kalvaroo Virginia Beach has a budget surplus, so citizens may receive a car tax break

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2022.01.29 10:39 HelgaScarano Interesting.

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2022.01.29 10:39 Throwawayhelper420 It’s been a full year now, how have the apes still not realized? They got played HARD!

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2022.01.29 10:39 fuzzyrugby Stretchfloof with an attempted sploot

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2022.01.29 10:39 drushr Today: What do you need to know about ChickenZilla

ChickenZilla support has been very transparent about what is happening with the CHKN token project. So this is what I have gathered from reading through their post on telegram.
1) They say there is big news in the next week or so. It will be related to the new game and the token. Perhaps it will be this upcoming week.
2) They plan to stop using the rebase tool they have been using for marketing and trending. One post said they have one more rebase this Sunday. I am not sure if this will be the very last rebase ever or if rebase will just be put on hold for awhile. Perhaps the big announcements coming out will tell us.
3) They have also posted that there is a new longer game trailer coming out. This will give us a greater insight into what the development team is doing. We also know that ChickenZilla expanded the game development team a few weeks back.
4) We also see a lot of post regarding the food aspect of this token. Not sure where we are on that front but my guess is we might see something come out this year. Just guessing on that.
All this listed above tells us that this is a token on the move. With real people actively pushing this project forward. I can’t wait to see where we end up 1-2 years from now.
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2022.01.29 10:39 MyBigHugeCock Is that sulfur or you happy to see me

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